4 Free DIY Workbench Plans and Ideas to Kickstart Your Woodworking Journey

Woodworking is both a hobby and a way to save money. Buildings and store-bought furniture can be crazily expensive. That’s why, woodworking is awesome. Moreover, woodworking can even be a money-making activity because the result of the woodworking can indeed be sold. If you just embark your journey in woodworking, you can start to ace your woodworking skill with the following workbench plans and ideas:

A Simple and Sturdy Garage Workbench

If you have a garage, the idea of making garage workbench will be amazing. You will absolutely need a certain place to work, to store your woodworking tools, and simply to make everything in the garage more organized. This kind of workbench is very easy to construct. The materials to make the workbench are even not complicated to find.

Stand Alone Simple Workbench

Another great workbench plan and idea is a stand alone workbench. As shown in the picture, the workbench is indeed simple. However, this kind of workbench will be great to be in a garage or a shed. Moreover, even though the workbench is simple, it can provide ample places for you to work and to store things. The best part of this workbench is that it is easy to build. This woodworking project will suit a novice with not too high carpentry skills best. The novice can start honing his carpentry skill from making this workbench.

Chic Workbench

This workbench is indeed pretty. What is good from this workbench is that the prettiness comes with simplicity of building it. The workbench comes with a basic style. The workbench is even complemented with wheels that enable you to move it around your garage or workshop or shop. Although the workbench is simple, it does provide many places to store and organize your woodworking tools.

The Rolling Tool Cabinet Workbench

Making this workbench is easy when you already have rolling tool cabinets. Having that cabinet means you already 75% to finishing this workbench. What you need to do to make the progress 100% is adding a space on the top to create a portable workbench.

What is best from this workbench is the ample of storage it provides you. You no longer need to worry to clutter your workshop or to mess up with your garage. Keep everything organized and also accessible with this rolling tool cabinet workbench.

Aren’t the woodworking ideas above cool? Aren’t they also simple to build? You no longer need to worry about your status as a beginner woodworker as there are always simple but pretty woodworking ideas to make. Which one is your favorite, anyway?