5 Expensive Woodworking Tools That Are Worth Every Penny

Who said that all tools work just the same no matter how difference the price tag is? Surely, there will be better quality from the tools that come out with higher place. If not for best material, the function and durability of these products must be of the top notch.

6″ Starrett Square

People love it for its square shape. It helps many craftsmen to check the 90 degree alignment while marking the woods. There is measurement line in the side that could help to mark the deep, length and width of the cut. In addition, it fits most carpenter’s hand grip. There is less chance for the tool to slip and land on the feet.

12″ Starrett Combination Square with Protractor Head and Center Head

This is the upgraded version of the previous tool. Once the carpenter starts working on the project, there might be more than straight line cut! For the other complex lines, leave them to the protractor and center head. The protractor fits well to measure angle, while the center head helps finding the center point.

Lie-Neilsen Pocket Block Plane

Who doesn’t love working with one hand only? For this reason, many craftsmen love this tool. It is super light and gives maximum smooth result. The blade in this tool is set at 12 degrees and often used to chamfering and trimming the wood edge. Those who need to fine tuning the cabinet doors will find this handy product useful!

Palm Router

How many dollars should you spend on the regular router? Well, palm router gives you smaller tool with half price and wattage. Don’t worry about the result: it is outstanding as always. While working on tiny details on smaller blocks, the one-hand operation tool is quite handy. It could do trimming and chamfering well. The craftsmen could also adjust the depth of the cut.

Dozuki and Ryoba Saws

Another Japanese product that make its way to the top is Dozuki and Ryoba saws. Their price for two regular-looking blade might be surprising, but their efficiency in cutting tiny details is unbeatable. In addition, these strong blades could do a pull-stroke. Dozuki blade is suitable to cut dovetails and precise angles, thanks to the unique rib. As for Ryoba, it is often used to cross-cutting and ripping.

There is certain price for a good quality product. Take a look again at the list above. None of them is sold below 60 dollars, yet the function and performance could exceed the expectation. You might spend more money if you buy the cheaper one, anyway. So, why don’t you give these tools a try?