5 Fun Projects With Wood

Get a bunch of unused woods from your last project? Transform it into a fancy, practical object placed in the corner of your room. The steps are not difficult, either. You might have a lot of unique, low budget furniture from the leftovers wood. Interested? Take at least one hour off from your schedule and enjoy the process!

Simple Shoe Rack

One of the trouble maker in your house entrance is probably shoes. The guests are often too lazy to put the shoes on the medium to high stacked rack. To solve this problem, you need a low shoe rack. Set the height of lower rack around five to ten centimeters from the ground. Aim for frame shape, leaving the middle row-less. If you use plywood, leave it without coating.

Coat Hanger

Would you reject the offer to make your door prettier? From a long, plain wood, you could make an amazing coat rack. First, make your pattern: two inches to the center, 45 degrees angle and five inches apart from the next space. Saw the smallest gap between the lines and use chisel to cut the inner line. Don’t forget to sand the curve inside the cut. No one wants a pretty but destructive coat hanger!

Crate Organizer

Now what if you have another form of wood like crate? You don’t need to pull out the nails. Try to get another long woods to make a big frame, holding the crates. But first, sand and coat your crates. While waiting for the paint to dry, you could make the big frame with four or two feet. Make sure it is big enough to store and stack all the crates.

Key Holder

Another creative ideas you should try is the wooden key holder. You could make it from two boards and several small wooden tubes. To start the project, you have to make an L-shape board. Make sure the shorter side becomes the base. Take wood glue and stick the tube shaped addition two or three centimeters from the top. You could also use nails.

Wall Decoration

If you love rustic, funky concept, then you would definitely fall for this DIY project. Take the rounded woods in your storehouse. Instead of letting it rot, you could clean and sand them. A spread of natural coat on the surface will make it shines. Stick them close to each other, varying the size. Voila! Your wall decoration is ready.

Having branded items are great, but taking challenge to build your own furniture is amazingly fun. In addition to the interesting activity, you could get a one of a kind equipment in your house. You only need basic carpentry tools, used woods and spare time. Add some paints if you like!