Acrobatic Bear Folk Toy Plans

All toys that are made of wood have to be made carefully. Otherwise, the shape will not last long or easily broken. No matter how small the toy is going to be, it’s always better if we make it perfectly. Therefore, here are some guides and steps to build your own acrobatic bear folk toy.

  1. Prepare the Tools and Materials

It’s fair to say that wood is the most flexible materials when want to create our own toys. In this case, the size of the woods you prepare will depend on how large your acrobatic bear folk toy is going to be.

Normally, people make their own acrobatic bear folk toy with not really large size; the one that can be held using their hands. Therefore, prepare the woods with proper size. After that, prepare the cutting tools like saw and cutter. Drilling tool is also necessary to make the holes later.

  1. Create the Bear

Before you go far, the first step you have to do is creating the body of the bear first. However, you cannot make it by cutting the woods once only. The body of the bear consists of three parts; the main body, the arms and the legs. Therefore, you have to cut the woods at least three times. For the main body, you will need one part only since it’s the base where the arms and the legs are attached.

After creating the main body, cut the woods and shape them into arms and legs for the bear. For the arms and the legs, you will need a couple of each part of the body. It means you have cut the woods for and shape the arm twice, the same way you have to apply with the leg.

Once the main body, the arms and the legs are done, start drilling on some particular spots, so that the arms and the legs can be attached to the main body.

  1. Create the Shaft

If you have created the bear, it’s safe to say that you have done 50% of the work. Since there is only one bear, you will only need two shafts as the tool for the bear to hang. Make sure that the shafts you are going to use are at least three times longer than the bear, so that the bear can conveniently roll later.

After creating the shafts, make the holes on the edge of them as the spot for the bear to roll. To strengthen the shafts, you can connect each shaft using small rod.

  1. Finishing

The last step of this project is adding something that can connect the bear and shafts. The connector also has to make sure that the bear can roll conveniently. Therefore, attaching wires as the connector is the best choice. Apply the wires on the edge of the shafts and through the arms of the bear.