Bench-Mounted Router Table Plans from Broken Desk

What is interesting about router table is just how you convert your moveable power tool into an immobile power tool and enlarge its versatility and utility. To build the router table, you can firstly gather all materials and tools to assemble the pieces.

Step 1. Prepare the materials and the tools

Generally, to make this router table, the main material is your old desk. You just need to modify it by adding some stuffs and you already have your customized router table. The tools that you need to make this project are drill, bits, router and jig saw. You will also need some screws to secure the frames.

Step 2. Prepare the broken desk

to customize the desk, you need to remove the long and narrow drawer. The location of this long drawer is going to be used to attach the router. To remove this long drawer, you just need to unscrew the screws and remove the glue by using the jig saw and the drawer is safely removed from the desk. Remove the back side of the long drawer as well to help you adjust the height of the router.

Step 3. Reinstall the drawer

You can reinstall the drawer at the desk’s bottom. You can use the room between the shelves to store something later on.

Step 4. Mount the router

Mounting the router is not as simple as it looks. To install the router, you need to remove its plexiglass plate which is screwed to the base bottom. Use it as the template for the screws going on the table. Mark the holes and drill those holes. Make one large hole at center as the place for the bit. Use the router to remove some parts of the table as the router mounting. If you don’t want to make this, you can simply use the plexiglass with fixed size of the rabbit hole on the table top.

Step 5. Finishing

Mount the router into the holes that have been prepared on the table top. It is quite difficult to mount the router as you need to be very precise in making the holes. The mounting of the screws in the base of the router is also not an easy task. You probably need to make a helping hole as for you to adjust the screw alignment. You can make use of the drawers in the desk as the place to store your tools and hardware.