Build a Baby Boat Cradle

Step 1. Materials and Tools


  • Chosen fabric/mattress sheet
  • Cloth glue
  • Customized mattress
  • Bumper padding
  • Double pulley
  • Polyurethane
  • Sandpaper
  • Brass screws
  • Oak timber
  • Sapelle planks


  • Sewing kit
  • Cordless drill
  • Screwdriver
  • Band saw
  • Measuring tape

Step 2. Build the boat from forms. These forms are suitable for complex bends dedicated for several planks. The boat cradle is going to be designed using planks which are bending. The boat cradle will also use a twist at its end to create more chic style.

Step 3. Attach the planking; after the forms are ready, the next step is to attach the planks. For this project, the carpenter uses sapelle planks. The planks are a good match for the oak accents and backbones. Although to build the planks, there are also some coaxing going on. Attach the planks into both sides of the cradle. Start from the end part of the boat to make it easier and attach the plank little by little so that it gives some time for the plank to fit around the curved forms of the boat.

Step 4. After the sides are covered by planks, attach the same sapelle planks at the bottom of the boat. Secure the planks into the bottom of the boat using some brass screws. Or, the carpenter can secure the joints using brass roves and rivets.

Step 5. Install the rudder board as seen in the picture.

Step 6. Take off the boat from its forms. And lay the boat onto work surface.

Step 7. Prepare the oak stripping. Attach the strip along the top plank top. Besides oak wood, the carpenter can use any other wood. The reason for choosing the oak as it is to match other components. Then, sand all pieces. Do the sanding manually to maintain the shape of the boat.

Step 8. Build the stand or the davits for the boat. The stand is also made from oak wood.

Step 9. Build the stretcher and the feet for the stand. Both are also from the oak wood. The project should be just one layer but because the carpenter thinks that one layer is not strong enough to hold the boat, he adds other layers as the supports.

Step 10. Give some finishing touch. Coat the boat and the stand with polyurethane. You can choose other paint to give the look that you want.

Step 11. Hang the cradle into the stand. Use a double pulley to hang the cradle as it is attached into the frame of both stands. Use double block pulley to join the frame and the cradle. The tether rope is being tied between the eyelet located on the boat bottom and an eyelet located on the frame stretcher. This rope is used as the additional safety which prevents the cradle for being swayed too far and harms the baby.

Step 12. Add the mattress and the padding. Drill holes as to insert the rope to tie the mattress and the padding in place. At the bottom of the boat, insert the cardboard. Glue the padding onto the boat bottom and tie the join using rope. Then add the mattress onto the padding.