Build Your DIY Birdhouse with These 7 Easy Steps

This DIY woodworking project is kid friendly. You can even invite your 12-year-old children to build this with you and entrust all the cutting, drilling, gluing, nailing, and other woodworking jobs to your children. This is DIY Birdhouse project that can be made with 7 easy steps only.

  • First thing first, buy all the materials such as lumber, shorter board, cedar, redwood, or pine wood. Don’t forget to buy some tools such as framing square or speed square, tape measure, paint brush, saw, drill, clamps, Forstner, dowel, paint, wood glue, stain, and other tools to personalize your birdhouse.


  • Decide the measurement of your birdhouse based on the birdhouse plan you are going to use. Then, cut the back and the front. After cutting, make a vertical mark down the every cut out’s center. Cut the pieces along their top at 45 degree angle using a miter saw. Make cut outs for the back and front pieces representing the birdhouse’s shape.

  • Cut the remaining pieces. Now you need to make cut outs for providing a gap at every corner of the birdhouse so that you can let water run out when you are cleaning the inside part of the birdhouse.

  • Drill a hole for the birdhouse’s entrance. Before drilling, make sure you already have the right measurement of the hole taken from the peak of the birdhouse’s front piece.

  • Assemble the pieces and secure the assembly using glue. Apply the glue along the outside edges of every side piece. For the bottom piece, attach it with glue and finish nail. Then, make the assembly of the roof and apply some glue to attach the joints together. Finally, drill a hole under the hole of the birdhouse’s entrance, insert a dowel using a dap of glue on the dowel’s end.

  • Stain your birdhouse or simply paint it. You can use a water-based exterior stain or paint. For choosing the right colors of the stain or the paint, you can refer to the design of your house. Make sure they match! As you need to apply some glue on the back and front pieces’ top edges, avoid painting these parts.

  • Finish it up! Let the paint dry. Once it is dry, you can attach the roof with nails and glue. Next, screw in some eye hooks along the peak of the birdhouse’s roof so you can hang it from a tree branch. Use a rope, chain, or wire to hang your birdhouse.