Building Simple Wooden Sports Car Plans

Sports car is popular for its detailed curve and accessories. For the sake of realism concept, many wood makers spend their time to carve the curves and paint the small wood model. If a simple sport car is what the costumers are asking for, then take the simple plan instead.


The first thing to do is creating the rough picture of the sport cars. There are some ideas available, so the wood makers could pick any of them. Draw the sketch of the cars’ real size on a piece of paper. Keep in mind that the sport car has certain signature look; front narrow.

Then, draw the sketch on the wood block. For the cutting, it will be easier with a band saw. Hand saw might not be the best choice, since the sketch includes curves. For fancier look, the wood makers could add little details like windows on the front, back and sides.

Cutting and Sanding

The design of sport car could use either hard wood or soft wood. Both have their own plus. For a starter, pine wood is enough. It is available in any hardware store. Be careful when cutting the curves. The wood makers need a perfect timing for the curve part. Otherwise, the process need to be repeated. If the carpenters are not sure, it is better to ask someone for help.

Next, it is time for sanding. If the wood makers plan to use sandpaper, pick the 120 grit to start with. Don’t skip this process, since sanding could help paint to stick better and help the car runs faster.


Now it is time for painting. Two methods are possible for this process: using paint brush or spray paint. Either way, the wood makers should make light coat only. Why? Because there will be less dripping and paint spilling. Any of them will ruin the sports car look.

The last part to assembly is the wheels. The wood makers might get the parts on a hobby store for wide variants of wheels. There are several different sizes available. Then, drill the axles into the wood and add the wheels right after. The sports car is ready to race.

The purpose of wooden sport car is having fun with it. However, some wood makers do more artistic effort. Actually, the fancy sport car could be made from a single piece of wood, paint, stickers and sandpaper. It doesn’t require special techniques either. The carpenters could even choose several plans at once!