Building Your Own Wooded Workbench

One of the most important tool for craftsmen is work bench. You could purchase this item in the store or online, but later on you might do some adjustment. Considering this point, why don’t you try to create your own workbench? You can make it suitable for your projects. With some tricks, you can even make it last longer.

  • Material Preparation

An ideal workbench has huge frame, therefore you also need plenty of materials to buy. Thick together a 36 x 80 inches solid wooden door, ten 2 x 4 inches boards, 8 feet long, some 2½ long coarse screws, some 1¼ inches drywall screws, and six angle brackets. Normally, you will spend under 50 dollars for these materials.

As for the tolls, you will need power mitre box saw, screw gun, and drill. Cordless or not, both should be included in the list. Never skip the drill; you need it to pre-drill the screw holes. Also, prepare a pencil, tape measure and carpenter square.

  • Frame Building

The frame calls for two rectangular shape woods, the long side measures to 76 inches, and the short side is 32 inches. The short sides are cut from the 2×4 inches board. Even all the four legs are also taken from the 2×4 board.

Screw the thin blocks together with the 2½  inches long coarse screw. To prevent wood cracking while screwing, it is suggested to pre-drill the wood. Don’t forget to give 8 inches space from the floor.

  • Parts Assembling

Now that you have the frame, the one thing left is the side assembling. The easiest way to perform this process is by putting the top table facing down and the frame head lays on it. Observe the position of the frame; is it centered?

Also make sure that you have two inches hang on the all sides. When everything is ready, take the angle brackets and drill the screws into the frame and into the top frame. Repeat the same process until all brackets have been installed.

  • Finishing

A workbench requires lots of pockets to store carpentry tools. As the finishing process, you could attach several pockets under the table by using plain ply wood. Don’t forget to install power cord with on/off button.

Who said you need high skills to build complicated item? Create a lot of useful things like a workbench, the place that will help you with the wood cutting and building process. It should fit you well and has all the equipments within your reach.  Design your own workbench and minimize all the clutters. Happy working!