Classic Workbench Plans – Tips and Tricks

Are you working on your very first workbench project? Pay close attention to several impulses proposed by first time woodcraft makers. Instead of maximizing your work pace, these lists limit your working area. In this case, you might find it uncomfortable to work on the bench. Therefore, you should learn about these mistakes and how to avoid it.

Vises Installation

An ideal workbench always have vise installed on one side of the bench. This useful tool helps a lot in any wood project. Thinking about its positive benefits, many first timers plan to have vise in all sides of the bench. The problem is: the installation process takes almost two whole weeks! You can tackle two or three projects within this period. Moreover, a bench only requires two vises at the maximum: the face and tail.

Too Many Holes

For every vise you put on the bench, you need some holdfast holes near it. This rule is often forgotten by the first timers. As the result, they build a workbench that looks similar to a gigantic peg board. Some of them argue that the setting won’t break the sturdy workbench. Even if this statement is right, you will spend a lot of time working on it. Of course, everything would be different when you have certain project in mind

Wood Choice

Almost all wood craft beginner starts the project by taking class about the tools and wood materials. It is positive as the sensitivity of wood is upgraded. You could determine which board is suitable for your project. At the same time, it also brings the newbie to a dead end.

Actually, the requirement of workbench is simple: cheap and easy to get. Yes, even plywood could turn into a stunning bench. If you want something more upgraded, then take heavier and dryish type wood. You don’t want any stain on your board while working on it.

Too Many Tools

The workbench should be a flat, wide and clean surface to lay your board. Several crafters, unfortunately, think that the bench should be able to serve as the second ware house. To meet this goal, they install a lot of pockets under the bench and stock as many tools as possible. Begin with a plain structure, and add more as needed.

As a person who is interested in wood projects, workbench is surely a temptation you can’t resist. It would be great if you could make the dream workbench immediately. This excitement brings more energy to you, but at the same time, blunts your practical senses. Observe the common mistakes and pay extra attention to these lists.