Creative Hacks Tips for Garage Storage and Organizations

You can use your garage not only for parking your car but also storing your valuables. Here are tips on how to create a storage area inside the garage which is organized and functional.

Reorganize Your Garage for Long-Term Usage

Generally, people tend to store anything that is not needed inside their garage. They also sometimes store items which are not fit into the house. When you see that your garage is just a mess, you can start to reorganize it into a functional storing space.

Begin to Sort All Items Inside the Garage

Sort all items inside your garage based on their usage. For example: garden items, sports equipment, repair supplies, holiday decorations, house maintenance, recycling and some more. To make the items inside the garage organized, you can install some cabinets or shelving to put those items. The use of cabinets and shelving is also helpful to find the items easily.

Combine the Similar Items

As you have been able to sort the items based on their usage, you can start to combine similar items into one cabinet or shelf. As shown in the picture, items needed for pets are all stored into one shelf.

Deflect Attention

To organize your hats and jackets, you can install the hanging hooks in one area of the garage. For your muddy or dirty boots, you can prepare shoe rack somewhere at outdoor door. You can also decorate the wall where you place the hooks or racks to distract the attention away from the mess. The wall is being painted with copper shade. It is also tainted with diluted paint to give an artistic touch.

Add More Storage in the Garage

The important thing if you want to add some storage is to make sure that the shelves and the cabinets don’t cover all garage walls. You need some space to store your hanging tools and your workbench.

Brighten Up the Garage

You can make your garage vibrant and light by painting it with bold colors. You can easily change your storing garage into some exciting place. The easiness and convenience of being able to store and grab your items will become your plus point for maintaining the spick and span circumstance of the garage.

Store Your Items Vertically

To create an organized and neat garage, you have to prepare some storage systems. For example: you can add some descending metal storing bins for your cabinets. Or, you can make slat wall storage space to put your sport tools and equipment.