DIY: A Quick and Quirky Candleholder

Looking for a one of a kind decoration? Probably you should try to make it yourself. A handmade decor is more satisfying and represents the person compared to commercial product. Don’t chicken out just because you have no carpentry skill. Things like candle holder require minimum skill and offer fancy result.

  1. Candle Board

Do you have leftover board? Don’t throw it away just yet just because it is too short for another building project. You can turn it into candle project. If it is 12.5 inches long, your board could fit to five candles. The first step to do is measuring the center point for drilling. The easiest way to do it is by placing the candle on the top of the board.

Using the dots you make, drill the board. The depth should be suitable for the candle; not too deep or too shallow. Drill lightly and see if the candle could fit the hollow. Repeat this process until you get the desired depth. Stain the board if you want and stick the candle inside.

  1. Shiny Holder

If you are not doing any repairing project recently, you could still get a fancy candle holder from a fallen log. Get a help from closest carpenter to cut the log into smaller pieces. If you have time, you could always saw it yourself. Varying the height could make a pretty view, too.

Find the center point on the log and mark it. Push your drill to the marked place. Don’t forget to clasp the log tightly to the table if you do the drilling alone. Cover the top to the half bottom of the log with paper. Coat the bottom with gold stain several times until you get the shiny level you want. Tear the cover paper and install the candle.

  1. Artistic Log

Fallen branches not always have pretty shape. Sometimes you get a nice study log with abstract shape. Is it great to be a decoration? Definitely! In fact, you can shine the light on different angles, showing off a perfect shading. As always, you need to measure the center drilling point. Make sure that the part you choose has enough depth to hold the candle.

Avoid any tilted surface, since it will make the candle burnt faster on one side. Sand the area around the candle a bit, ensuring that the sharp edges won’t harm your hand. Before the party starts, burn the candle twig.

Lighting a candle in the evening, while sipping a cup of tea or coffee, is very calming and relaxing. You can make it fancy and elegant by transforming the candle. Next time you see a fallen branch thick enough to hold a candle, you could bring it back home. Turn it into something artistic with simple steps and additional under 10 dollars!