DIY Bar Stool – Furniture Plans and Projects

Either outdoor or indoor, bar stool is both practical and fancy solution for the guests’ chair. It is fancy because of its modern and slim shape. It is also practical, as the carpenter could easily make it and later move it while not in use. For those wood makers who are interested in making the bar stool, learn first about the procedure.

Preparing the Cuts

In order to get the overall chair dimension, the wood maker should have the following cuts. Two pieces of 42, 28 ½ , 14 ½, and 15 inches plywood. All of them are for back legs, front legs, outside seat and seat support respectively. Side boards call for four pieces of 13 inches plywood, while the back and front boards require six pieces of 11 inches.

Drilling the Holes

For this step, the carpenter should make holes in all boards. An exception applies for the legs and seat boards. The size of the hole is 1 ½ inches on the jig and the collars.

Assembling the Parts

The first part to assemble is the front and rear sections. Aside from the 1 ½ inches screws, it is better to put precaution with wood glue as well. The parts to go next is four side boards, which acts as the connector of the front and rear ladder.

For the seat supports, take bigger screws: the 2 ½ inches one. It would make the tie sturdier. Then, attach the seat boards to the supports using the same size screws. Do this procedure from the lower inside part. Before that, safety glue layer could be applied to prevent any errors.

Then, let the glue dry before drilling the medium screws. It is important to do the drilling from inside, since this action will hide the whole screws. Otherwise, the mark of the drilling holes will ruin the whole beauty of the chair.


Almost all carpenters want their product to last as long as possible. In this case, they need to add layer of protection to the bar stool. Take a can of wood stain and start brushing the outer and inner part of the bar stool. Allow them to dry before use.

There is almost no difficult parts in the making process. The procedure itself requires minimum professional skills. The question is whether the wood makers have certain sense to make it beautiful ans comfortable at the same time. Not too complicated, right?