DIY Children’s Picnic Table

Need a picnic table for your kids? You can actually make it yourself with simple materials and steps. Check out the following instruction to make it at home.

Step 1. Cutting List

For building kids’ picnic table, you have to prepare the materials as follows:

  • Nine 31” pieces used for the table top and also the seats
  • Four parallelograms legs at 21” with the ends are angled at 22.5 degrees
  • Two center supports at 25.5” with the ends are squared
  • Two trapezoidal supports for tabletop with longer end at 17”. The ends are angled at 22.5 degrees.
  • Two trapezoidal supports for seat with longer end at 33”. The ends are angled at 22.5 degrees.
  • Sandpaper, stain or varnish
  • 75 deck screws sized 1 5/8”
  • Eight cedar 1”x4”x8’ boards

Step 2. Build top supports

After all pieces are ready, choose some top pieces that look good and put them all together to assemble the top supports. Place these pieces facing down onto some soft surface. Line up the ends, place the top supports as well as one spacer onto it as shown in the picture. Align everything and secure the joints using two screws at each end. Flip top supports over to mount the top.

Step 3. Build the tabletop

Line up one center board and center it onto the top supports. Then, screw this center board down using two screws which are evenly spaced at each end. Attach all the remaining boards onto the top supports. Space all the boards with nails. You can also tight them all against each other.

Step 4. Build the table legs

Align the legs so that the outside edge of the legs is next to the top support board’ bottom corner. Secure the joint using four screws mounted from the inside. To help you with the levelness of the table, it is better if you assemble all two legs and secure the joint using one screw first. Then, turn it all over and check if the table is even. Make some necessary adjustment if needed. Then, attach all remaining screws.

Step 5. Build the seat supports

Place the table upside down on soft surface. Attach one piece of board at end and one piece at its side. Secure them all with some screws. Check to see if all pieces are evenly spaced.

Step 6. Build the lower spacer

Attach the lower spacer using two screws mounted from every end. It is better to use 3” screws if you have some at your house.

Step 7. Varnish the table

Now is the finishing part. First, sand the table for smooth and nice look. Then, you can varnish the picnic table to give additional protection so it lasts longer. If you like the rustic look of the table, you can leave the table as it is. However, if you don’t apply any varnish or stain, the table will be quite difficult to be wiped later on.

Step 8. Add some accessories

You can add some china tea set on the picnic table. Or, you can put any accessories suitable for your children and their friends when they come over your house.