DIY Classic Workbench Plans

Build this classic workbench to complete your workshop space! This classic bench has existed for more than decades and the reason is simply because this bench is spacious, practical, durable and very easy to make. You can build this bench by yourself. Let’s see how it is made!

Step 1. Make the frameworks

To make the frames, you have to prepare two frames for the front and the back frames. Then, between these two frames, insert two side rails and one center rail. Drill two holes sized 2mm on each joint frame and secure it with screws so that all frames are in position.

Step 2. Assemble the framework legs

Prepare the pegboard. Cut two square pegboards which are placed on each side of the legs. The position of the pegboards is in line with the leg flush and the board sides. You can give some adhesive beads on the legs to give additional support of stability. After the legs are stable, attach the pegboards onto the legs using five screws for each leg. Maintain the square position of the framework.

Step 3. Lock the framework legs

Glide the assembly of the legs under the top frame one by one with the position of the pegboard facing inside. All pegboards will become the legs’ braces. Make some drill holes throughout the side rails and the legs. Lock each joint using two chipboard screws and add some adhesive to make it sturdier.

Step 4. Assemble the shelf into the frames

To install the shelf, position the workbench on one side and shelf sliding between the legs. Position the shelf in line with pegboard leg brace base. Drill two holes on each side of the shelf and lock the legs onto the shelf with the screws and some adhesive.

Step 5. Build the top boards

Assemble the top frame back first. Position the first board in line with the frame back with 0.5 m overhang. Mount the board and secure it with some screws and adhesive. Do exactly the same step for all the boards. For the front board, make 0.6 m overhang.

Step 6. Mount the upper shelf

After the top boards are installed, you can mount the upper shelf. Place the shelf on the bench back for the top boards support. Secure the joint with screws to connect the edge of the top board and the brace of the upper shelf. Then, mount the brace to the shelf back rail and the back legs with screws.