DIY Folding Workbench

Do you always use your garage floor and driveway for your projects? Do you think you need a workbench but you don’t have enough space in your garage? Well, what you need is a DIY folding workbench. The workbench can be folded when it is not in use. Find it how to make it below:

#1 Install the Pegboard in Your Garage

Install the pegboard by creating a gap between the board and the wall. Use some scraps, table saw, screw, wood strips, pegboard sheet, washers to secure the boards, some French cleat shelves to mount the board, and some fancy tools.

#2 Create the Design of the Folding Workbench

Do some research on the design as much as needed. In this picture, the workbench is in the design of folding downwards with no table legs to provide more room and easy access. Then, create the design you want in TinkerCad.

#3 Construct the Folding Workbench by Building the Tabletop of the Workbench

The construction involves three main parts, which are: legs, table top, and wall mounts. Make sure you don’t forget to secure every part with hinges. Start making the construction with the tabletop.  For making the tabletops, use a couple of planks and wood. Drill 10 pocket holes to assemble the pieces, clamp them together, and finally fasten them using hole screws. Then, attach some supports underneath the tabletop to give your workbench more strength to be the swinging legs.

#4 Construct the Legs of the Workbench

Each workbench leg consists of 2 planks that are secured to each other using wood glue and pocket holes. Then, bolt the mounts into the studs of the wall using lag bolts. Now, that you already have 3 main parts done, you can start to attach them to each other using hinges.

#5 Attach the Hinges of the Workbench

Attach the hinges for each leg of the workbench until the legs of the workbench can be mounted. Make sure you can get accurate alignments. Then, attach a small bolt lock on every leg to prevent the doors of the workbench from swinging shut when the table is down. Then, fasten the workbench tabletop to the wall mounts.

#6 Give Your Folding Workbench Final Touches

Give your workbench some sanding and the edges of the workbench nice routed cut. Now you already finish all the steps of making your DIY folding workbench. To check its sturdiness, you can try sitting on it.