DIY Holder for Wine Bottle And Glasses

How many times do you go back and forth from the kitchen to the patio just to have a toast? Yes, you have to bring wine bottle and glasses at the same time. Since tray will make things complicated, you decide to walk several times instead. If there is a way to make the carrying thing easy and classy, would you like to try it?

  1. Sketching the Plan

Imagine the final product first: a board with a hole in the middle for wine bottle and four small holes to hold the glasses. Next, you must measure how wide the board should be. If you have prepared the board, then you can skip the cutting part.

Start you sketching by drawing the center hole. It will be drilled using 1¼ eye drill. The holes for the glasses are only three or five centimeters apart from the center. However, the size is smaller: 5/8 inches. The ideal distance from the edge to the hole must be 2½ inches, while width takes up to 3/8 inch at the maximum.

  1. Drilling and Cutting

Just like how you sketch, the drilling begins at the center hole. Make sure to put the eye drill in the correct position before you start the engine. For the four small holes, turn off the electric drill and use the autosense one instead. Install the 5/8 spade on its place and make the hollows.

Lastly, you could grab the jigsaw and cut the lines as you draw. Start from the edge first, where you have marked 3/8 inches. Any bigger than that and you wine glass will spill. Continue with the other four edges.

  1. Sanding and Decorating

Although you do everything manually, you might leave the sawing mark. Therefore, it is important to sand the cut product. Since the size is small, you may grab the sand paper and enjoy the process. If you prefer to use the electric ones, pick the mouse type. It could reach the small corners.

For decoration, you could stain it to your favorite colors. Apply coats several times until you get the tone you want. Never skip the sanding between coating for smooth appearance. For the last touch, you could add brass monogram on the bottom.

Spend your evening in more elegant and classic way. Bringing wine and glasses on a tray is way too old. If you can hold both with one hand, why not? Use another free hand to grab your spouse’s hand instead. Try to follow the guidance. Unless you have tried it, you cannot say that the steps are complicated: it is a piece of cake!