DIY Miter Saw Bench

Not all people love to work with a portable miter saw. For small cuts, it is more convenient to use fixed miter saw bench. This helpful bench should be equipped with quick measurement items as well as portable tray for the raw and cut material. With these detailed demands, isn’t it better to build the bench manually?

Cutting By Dimension

Again, the best material for a wood project is plywood. Open the design and look carefully for the part that should be cut by the carpenters. There are parts for sides, shelves, leaves, cleats and supports. To make the job easier, first cut the plywood to 24 inches wide and 8 feet long from the ¾ inches thick one.

Then, make two cuts of 36 inches, 30 inches and 29 inches. These cuts are for sides, shelves and leaves respectively. For the cleats and the supports, take thicker plywood, especially for the supports. The carpenter needs to provide four sets of two pieces from 24 width board and three pieces from 31 ½ width board.

Assembling The Cuts

The assembling parts require two carpenters to work on it. First, measure the spot to put cleat. It should be as long as the miter saw depth while cutting. Make sure to mark the spot carefully. To connect the boards, the carpenters could use ¾ inches pocket holes or the 1 ¼ inches one. Just in case these are not enough, add glue or bracket for safety.

In the assembling process, it is also possible to add more shelves. More pockets in the main structure could reinforce the joint. With a lot of pockets, the bottom shelf could be the alternative storage for wood leftover.

Adding Wings and Caster

The last step is adding wings and caster. Flip the main structure to install caster. It usually takes three screws per caster to stick it perfectly to the bottom board. Make sure the caster could take the weight of the structure. For the wings, starts with installing two supports on each side. Then use bracket to connect the side boards with the main board.

Once again, measure again the height of the wings and the main board. They should not be higher or lower than the middle structure. The carpenter could also add a thin yard stick for a quick measurement.

The miter saw bench is not a difficult item to make. The steps include only three simple steps: cutting the raw materials, assembling the main parts and finally adding the side trays as well as the caster. Try to follow the instruction properly to prevent mistakes in the final product.