DIY Platform Bed on Wheels

This platform bed on wheels is an ideal and practical piece for every house while it gives you a new experience on woodworking, which isn’t impossible to make for beginners.

Step 1. With the miter saw, make 4×4 legs. Then, make 2×4 boards to length for the headboard and the footboard. Prepare other pieces for the bed frame as well like the spacers, the slats and also the wheels attached to the legs.

Step 2. Lay all the cutting pieces onto the floor as in order to get the main idea of how the headboard and footboard look like. You can use footboard if you want, but if not, you can just use single rail for the footboard.

Step 3. Connect all boards first by drilling some holes and secure the joints using glue and screws. Then, install the legs into the boards and secure the joints using glue and screws. For the spacers, use 2×4 boards. Install the spacers into the frames by firstly drill some holes onto the edges of the spacers. Secure the joints using glue and screws.

Step 4. Install the top boards onto the headboard. Install the screws from the frame underside. Secure the joint using glue and screws. Make pre-drill holes before attaching the screws.

Step 5. Install the lower boards into the headboard. Secure the joints using glue and screws.

Step 6. After the headboard and footboard frames are ready, next step is to install the pickets all over the front side of the board fames. Secure the joints using glue and nails. You can adjust the width of the board frame using table saw.

Step 7. Next is to install the rail for the bed frame. Make sure when you install both rails, each rail needs to be even with each board end. Secure each joint using glue and screws. For the lower rail parts, use some 4×4 boards to make the spacer as to make the rails in place.

Step 8. If the bed rails are ready, install 1×4 slats. Drill some holes onto both ends of the slat and attach each slat into the rails. Secure the joint using glue and screws. Insert the screws from the rails’ inner sides. Make sure to space each slat evenly as the support of the mattresses.

Step 9. Install the wheels into four legs. You can flip the bed frame vertically. Insert each wheel using screws. You can use whether post wheels or screw-on wheels. After the installation of the wheels complete, turn back the bed frame into its original position.

Step 10. To hold the wheels in place, you can add some locking casters. You can unlock and lock the casters anytime you want.