DIY Power Tool Workbench Plans

If you are a woodworker, you must know how important it is to have your own power tool workbench where you can store and organize your woodworking tools safely and neatly. However, you don’t have to buy your power tool workbench. You can always make it by yourself using some old stuff inside your house.


Do you have an old rolling cabinet at your house? If you happen to have this old rolling cabinet, your work on making your own power tool workbench has been completed up to 75%. What you have to do is just attaching a wood working room on the cabinet top and you have got your own moveable workbench. By using a rolling cabinet, you have plenty of spaces to store your wood working tools. You will be able to access any of your tools easily and this rolling workbench can always your workshop clean and organized.

Step 1. Prepare the materials to make the wood working space at the top of the cabinet. Buy one 1 inch wood panel made from the pine boards. Adjust the length of the wood panel as to fit onto your cabinet top. You can crosscut the wood panel on the table saw. You can make use of the waste panel for the cabinet backstop. Clamp and glue this backstop right into its place. If you want to, you can also glue your wood panel onto the cabinet top. Or, you can use some screws to attach the wood panel onto the cabinet top.

Step 2. Add some useful equipment after your wood working space is ready. You can add additional vise and attach it at the edge of the woodwork space. You can easily use it whenever you need some help on your woodwork project. Inside the wide and large drawer, you can add some small bins as the place of some small hardware and tools. To hold the bins in place, you can cut some ¼ inch hardboard strips to fit perfectly inside the drawers and you can glue them or double-tape them.

Step 3. On the sides of the cabinet, you can add some space to place your handy woodwork tools. You can simply put a magnetic device bar on one side of the cabinet. You can also place more magnetic device bar on the backstop. While on the other side of the cabinet, you can add some pegboard to place your woodwork tools. You can also put a power band underneath the woodwork space to plug in your power tools.