DIY Wooden Steam Roller Plan

Isn’t it great to have the mini model of steam roller plan for the kids? The miniature could help children learn about the steam roller parts and function. While this educational toy might be beneficial, not all materials are friendly for kids’ grasp. As the house’s carpenter, it isn’t too bad to make it manually, right?

Preparing the Materials

The basic material for this project could be taken from the unused wooden box. There are two different wood thickness needed: the 19mm and 22mm ones. For the tools, the carpenters don’t have to pull out all the fancy items. The cutting process could be completed with a hand saw, but doing it with a band saw would be easier.

To finish up, the wood maker should provide sand paper. Don’t forget the drill press. It would be beneficial to make the wheels. Prepare the 50mm and 70mm eyes. The later one is rarely sold in the general market. It is usually available at the house material shop.

Building the Parts

Take a look at the plan and cut the parts using the guidance. Don’t worry, the sketch provided is the rea;-size one. The first part to build is the basic frame. To connect the parts, the carpenter will need dowel axe and glue. Then, support the machine room roof with toothpick. Otherwise, the model will be clamped under pressure.

While waiting for the glue to dry, take the wheel on the place. Don’t forget to give space between the wheels and the parts next to it. Drill the holes on the appointed points. It will be the base for the next parts. The carpenters are going to finish after applying glue on the hand wheels.


The last part in wood crafting is painting. Many people tend to leave the natural wood tone shines by itself. If needed, the furnishing layer will be applied to the newly made toy. The last one is painting the miniature with a lot of colors.

If the carpenters want to include kids in the making process, this is the best job they could do. Make sure to provide safe paint. For safety reason, it is better to use food colorings.

Since the toy is just the mini size of the real machine, not all the parts should be able to work. For steam roller, only the roller needs to move. Although the preparation doesn’t need the skill of a professional, detailed cut would make a perfect wooden roller steam miniature.