Garden Bench Plans

After a long day of work, there are several things that could lift up your energy and spirit. One of them is sitting on a bench, enjoying a bright day and the soft air whisper. It would be even better if you could make it fit for all the beloved family. To fit this purpose, there is no other way than creating a garden bench on your own.

Raw Materials

You are going to purchase three different sets of woods. They are not from different types, but the variant of their thickness. Grab five pieces of 2x4x8 feet boards as well as 1x4x4 and 4x4x8 feet board. For the last two boards, take one each. Take 3/8 x 36 inches threaded rod as well. Don’t forget the polyurethane glue to attach the board pieces.

The Steps

There are only three steps you are going to do: cut, assemble and finish. You can use manual or electric method. Pick the one that suits your style.

  1. Cutting

Divide the big board you just bought into several pieces, tracing the pattern you have drawn before. In the end, there should be nine seat boards, four legs, and 12 spacers for the length. To save time, you could use table saw to cut the board. Set the height to 1 3/8 inches for easier cut. Push the board using a miter gauge. Using manual saw will take a lot of your time.


Next, you have to make the shoulder cut. You are going to perform layering cut to the boards; using the miter saw and also the chisel. Make the upper side thinner using the saw, and the back side should be carved a little using the chisel.


  1. Assembling

Instead of putting pieces together, you begin the assembling process by installing a spacer blocks. It helps to separate the boards. Alternate the ¾ and 3½ inches blocks in between the seat boards. Put the seat together with a 3½ inches nails from four corners side.

Legs are the most important part of the bench. To tighten the bond, apply a moderate layer of wood glue and then screw the galvanized nails to the joints. Instead of using hammer, you could use drill. Let the drill does its job. Make sure you choose a nail with proper length.


  1. Finishing

The last step includes leveling the surface and covers all holes that might appear after assembling process. You could also add stain layers if you want.

The most important thing in building a wooden bench is the cutting boards and also the assembling process. For the cutting progress to go smoothly, you can’t use one tool only. Make use of the chisel. Building the bench also calls for a little trick: utilize the drills, nail and hammer. If you could do it, the mistakes would be minimum.