Gatling Rubber Band Machine Gun

Step 1. Tools

  • Glue stick
  • Tooth picks
  • Rubber bands
  • Sand paper
  • Wood glue
  • Jig saw
  • Drill bits (3/4”, 5/8”, ¼”)
  • Hand drill

Step 2. Materials

  • 1 x ¾” pine board
  • 15 feet long of nylon kite string
  • 1 x ¼” dowel
  • 4 x 5/8” dowels

Step 3. Print the templates

Download and print the templates. Print with actual size option to make sure that the document is 100% printed. Each template is completed with a ruler at the bottom. Before gluing the templates, verify that the ruler is in its actual size. Check it with measuring tape.

Once the size is correct, cut the templates and glue them onto the board. Make sure not to trim the templates near the board edge. Attach enough paper for gluing down onto the board to hold it firmly while cutting and drilling process.

Step 4. Glue the templates

Attach the gun template onto the board and cut it by leaving one or two inch free space along the edge. Leave plenty paper on the board and glue them all. Press every template onto the board and make the surface is leveled and smooth. Leave it for awhile until the glue stick dries.

Step 5. Drill the template

Drill all holes on the templates using the drill bits.

Step 6. Cut the template

Cut the template using the jig saw. Make sure to cut perfectly onto its template lines especially for the gun stock, the rotor barrels, the string guides, the hand crank, and the barrel and hand crank spacers.

Step 7. Make the barrel dowels

Make sure that each dowel has two edges; flat and curved edges. The flat edge will be in the rear as to pull the rubber bands up and will be around the barrel back for launching off when the hand crank spins. The curved edge will be facing forward with the notch holding the rubber bands firmly in place. Assemble all parts with glue.

Step 8. Make rotor axel dower

The rotor axel is used to attach the gun stock as well as to make the rotors rotating. Determine the dowel, mark it and then cut it. Make a hole to glue the rotor axel by drilling the gun stock.

Step 9. Make hand crank.

The hand crank will have two dowels; one dowel will be the axel and the other will be as the handle to move the crank.

Step 10. Sand and assemble all parts of the gun

To make all parts smooth, sand them all before the assembly process to get rid of the remaining glue stick from the board surface. Assembly all parts of the gun using glue as shown in the picture. After all parts are in place, test the gun by loading some rubber bands and shoot them out to see if the gun works properly.