Graphic Transfer Onto Wood

The recent booming DIY project is painted wood. It gives off vintage and retro feel at the same time. Some colors could even emits classic vibe. The process of decorating the wood is called transferring image. It is neither complicated or difficult thing to do. Within minutes, you could have a brand new and fancy board.

  1. Freezer Paper

To use freezer paper as the paper to transfer images, there are several equipments you must prepare: raw wood, sandpaper, and clear coat. The first step would be sanding the unfinished wood. Next, cut the freezer paper to fit the wood. In your computer, pick an image and reverse it.

Print the picture on the freezer paper. Stick the ink-stained side of the paper to the wood. Scrap the surface with card while holding the paper. Stroke gently and try your best not to move the paper position. The last step is removing the paper and lock the transferred image with clear coat.

  1. Wax Paper

If you have wax paper in your kitchen, you could also use it to transfer your favorite image to any wooden surface. But first, you have to cut it to printer size. It would be either A4 or Letter. Print the reversed image on the wax paper. Stay close to the printer, just in case the paper is jammed.

Slightly wet the board before you lay the printed paper on the wood. For the next step, it must be done quickly and precisely. Lay the paper on the board. The picture should stick on the wood surface. Using a card, gently scrape the surface to help the ink absorbed faster.

  1. All-In-One Glue

The last option probably the easiest one. You only need cardstock, washable gue and all-in-one glue. Don’t forget to prepare the wooden surface. Brush thin layer of washable glue on the cardstock surface. Let it dry. Then, make sure you have inkjet printer to print the reversed image.

Print out the chosen image. Then apply a layer of all-in-one glue to the wood surface. Put the image to the wood and press lightly on it. Your goal is to have maximum contact of the paper and the wood. Let the image dry overnight. The next day, you could dunk the wood into the water to remove the paper.  Scrub lightly until the paper peeled off.

Create a great splash to your furniture by applying transfer image method. You have three ways to get the decorative board. Find the one that suits your budget or your taste. Better result may call for higher material proce. Then, invest fifteen minutes of your time to follow the simple process. So, are you willing to try?