How to Build a Convertible Paint Booth in your Garage

Step 1.

Draw the paint booth. In this project, the design is as shown in the picture. You can use the design and make necessary adjustments on the sizes. To narrow down the booth sizes, what you need to do is just adjusting the pipes’ length that is, top middle pipes and three 8-feet pipes.

Step 2.

Collect some PVCs and give some cutting marks. When you plan on cutting the pipes with a saw, give additional 1/32 inch or 1/16 inch. This additional inch is for the thickness of the saw blades and for any uneven cuts that may need extra sands to make them leveled.

Step 3.

Cut the pipes according to the marks that you give. Before the cutting process, secure the pipe. You can use a two-plank workbench as the vise to hold into the pipe. After the pipe is securely placed, you can start cutting it with PVC saw or with pipe cutter. Make sure you also cut eight 2.5” pipes to connect all pipes. Check any unlevel ends of pipe. Get rid of any uneven part and smooth the edge with sand block or blade.

Step 4.

Assemble all pipes. Secure all joints using PVC joints. The result of the pipe assembly should be wide enough for walking. Check all parts by slightly pulling down every corner to make sure that the pipe structure is secured and stable.

Step 5.

Cover the paint booth structure with some plastics. When cutting the plastic sheeting, make sure to apply the duct tape to seal off the enclosure sides. You can clamp the plastic while doing the measure, the cutting, and the duct tape attachment. Don’t forget to also put some drop cloth in the booth floor base.

Step 6.

After the plastic assembly is finished, add and place the fan box. Position the fan box outside the booth and in the middle part of the booth. To help with its height, you can use a ladder to seat the fan box.

Step 7.

With duct tape, add the furnace filter. The fan box suction is enough to keep the furnace filter in its place. The furnace filter can be attached directly into the fan or it can be taped onto the surrounding plastic near the fan.

Step 8.

You can add some hangers to hang your painting objects. Decide the location to hang your objects. Don’t forget to prepare a water spray bottle inside the booth. It is to maintain the mist inside the booth as it helps preventing the painting dust attaches into the wall and flows outside the booth.