How to Build a DIY Wood Workbench: Super Simple $50 Bench

Are you currently in a need of a new workbench, in a limited amount of money, and in tight budget? Well, you just landed at the right place! Kill two hours of your spare time to construct your own wood workbench. Not only is it simple, it is also affordable. Who can even say $50 for a workbench is a lot of money anyway? Find out how below:

  • Make the necessary cuts of the workbench and start the assembly from the workbench frame. The frame will work as the bench surface, whereas the lower shelf as the workbench itself.

  • Secure the legs position to the frame by screwing them.

  • Attach the lower shelf frame by flipping over the bench. Give the lower shelf frame additional support using gallon paint cans when you are attaching the frame to the bench legs.

  • Grab your plywood and attach it to the frames.

  • Attach the top shelf frame.

  • Top the shelf by adding the plywood.

  • Next, top the shelf legs by installing the top shelf legs in upside down position.

  • Put all the pieces together. Secure the position of the workbench legs to the workshop bench by screwing them. After that, attach some backer boards.

  • Next, set the lighting for your workbench. Good light is a must for every workbench. That’s why, you need to grab a nice lamp. In the picture below, the workbench is using a cheap 4-ft shop light. To install it, you only need to screw it right to the top shelf’s underside.

  • Next, set up the power strip. Here, you don’t need extensions cords. What you need to do is mounting a power strip to one of the workbench’s legs. By doing so, you are already providing all the power you need for the chargers and especially for your woodworking tools. To control the light in your workbench, you can use switch.

  • Install the pegboard. Don’t clutter your new workbench. Stow all of your woodworking tools and keep all of them within your reach by attaching pegboard at the back of the workbench.

  • Last but not least, install the bench vise. The bench vise can be costly enough though. But, a workbench is incomplete without a bench work, isn’t it? Your DIY inexpensive workbench is done now!

Who says building a workbench is complicated and costly? This project surely breaks that myth! This project is very simple even for the beginner woodworkers. The money needed to purchase the materials is also not a lot. So, go make one!