How to Build a Rolling Workbench

Every time you spend in your garage or workshop should be the productive one. Do you know that productive work start from an organized woodworking tools and workshop? Workbench is what you need to be more productive. The following is the steps of making rolling workbench that is absolutely easy to follow.

#1 Cut

Cut all the boards to the length. Follow the workbench plan you have chosen for the measurement and size. After the cutting, layout the bottom and top shelves to know where every cut is going.

#2 Drill

Drill two holes in every end of the cross boards using Kreg Jig. Then, attach them to the boards to make a rectangle of two support pieces. You just made the top platform. Repeat the process to the other boards. Use clamp whenever needed as doing the job free hand can be tricky.

#3 Attach

Assemble the bench base, flip the base over, and place it inside the bench frame you made for the top part of the bench. Then, attach the top part of the bench to the base and secure the attachment using screws in every corner.

#4 Casters

Keep the workbench in the upside down position and then drill a hole in the center of every caster. To make sure that the casters you are using good enough, find casters whose every piece can support up to 150 lbs. One of the good caster examples is like the one shown in the picture. You can purchase it from Amazon.

#5 Top

Next, flip the bench over and then insert the casters in case you have not done it yet. After that, place the pieces of the plywood on the frame. Secure the attachment using screws.

#6 Shelf

After that, insert the plywood to the bottom frame using the cutouts. Secure the attachment using screws. Actually the bench legs can hold them at their places so that you don’t need to attach the board to the frame.

#7 Load up

Last but not least, roll your new workbench to its home which is your workshop or garage. You can now load up the workbench and the shelves with any woodworking tools, supplies, and materials you usually use to work. This new addition to your workshop or your garage can be easily rolled to anywhere you may need. When you have a big project, roll the bench to the driveway. When you are done with the project, roll it back to the garage or workshop.