How to Build A Simple Bookcase

The corner of the room is usually the trouble maker in the house. As always, the simplest solution is by shoving a bookcase to the corner. Instead of buying a new thing that won’t fit to the space, take it as a weekend project. It doesn’t take long and the instructions are fairly easy.

  1. Cut the Board

Take the plywood you have prepared and start sketching on it. Match it with the design you have prepared before. Make sure you bring enough plywood for the sides, back and top. Thinking about having a decorative top? Then give one and half inches extra length. Later on, you will get ¾ hanging surface on both sides.

  1. Decorate the Edges

After you cut the board, there must be rough sides left. Bring your orbital sander to work. If you don’t have one, go to the nearest plumber and ask them to smooth the board surface. Don’t forget to mention about the edgy sides you prefer.

  1. Assembling Pieces

Now you have got several pieces to build. Do the easy part first: gluing the shelf supporting on the side boards. You can nail them if you want. Double check the level of both supporters. For thicker surface, you must grab the drill and start rolling. Never forget to do the pilot drilling. You might have to change the eye drill if the current one breaks the boards.

Instead of putting the second level board on its place, you must assembly the top and the bottom first. Give a small gap on the bottom. A partner would be very useful in this part. Otherwise, you will struggle to do it. After you get the shape you want, put the broad board on its place. It will be the back side of the bookcase. Last step to do is placing the middle board on its place and nail the top shelf.

  1. Paint the Bookcase

The work of a DIYer may have a lot of stains; the nail, the glue and even the sanding. There is one way to cover these slight imperfections: paint it. You could go with the theme of the room or claim your own color.

To build a simple bookshelf, you will need boards, at least six medium sized ones and a big board to close the back side. Start the project by cutting the board. Then you can start assembling the pieces with screws and glues. Lastly, stain the finished bookcase and let it dry overnight.