How to Build an Easy Farmhouse Desk


The dimension of the project is shown in the picture

Step 1. Slash and notch out 4×4 boards. You can ask the store to do the cut for you. If not, you need to have 12” miter saw (or 10”) to make the cut. You can also set your circular saw into its deepest cut. How to do it? First, cut one side of the board.

Then, flip the board and make the cut at the bottom of the board. Sand all edges until the cut becomes smooth. You can add any felt pads below the legs as to level up the floor and to protect it. Cut the board to get the stretcher joint as seen in the picture. Make sure to cut evenly the board top and bottom.

Step 2. Make the stretcher joint for the support board and then attach it onto 4×4 boards. Don’t forget to drill the holes on both ends to insert the screws later on. Use 3” screws to secure the joint.

Step 3. After the stretcher joint is ready and is already set into 4×4 boards, attach the top aprons. Make 1 ½” pre-drill holes and secure the joint using 2 ½” screws.

As it is not shown in the picture, drill 1 ½” holes into the inside part of the aprons which face upward. These holes are going to use to attach the tabletop later on. Make three pre-drill holes into each apron end.

Step 4. Next step is to install two ends to make the table frame. Drill 1 ½” holes in the inside parts of the aprons which face upward. These holes are used to attach the tabletop. Make five drill holes in each side apron.

Step 5. Install the desk stretcher using 3” screws.

Step 6. Build the tabletop. Drill 1 ½” holes along one edge of 2×8 boards. Do this assembly starting from the 2×10 center board. Clamp the joints of two boards when attaching them with glue and 2 ½” screws. Repeat the step until all boards are installed.

Step 7. Measure the size of the breadboard ends. Make necessary cut so that this breadboard can fit perfectly into the tabletop. The size of the breadboard needs to be in line with the table width. Make 1 ½” holes and secure the joint using 2 ½” screws.

Step 8. Attach the desk frame onto the tabletop. Make 1 ½” pre-drill holes first. Then, secure the joint using 2 ½” screws. You can also add glue for much stronger desk structure.