How to Build Floating Top Table Plans – Furniture Plans and Projects

Dreaming of something different for a table? You can opt for this floating top table. This floating top table comes with clean lines and thus you can add another kind of top that you like. The following is the steps of making the floating top table. The directions can be customized to suit your preference.

  • To begin with, cut the boards to the size. First, make the wide panels with the size of 11 ¼” by joining boards. You can also use off-the-shelf lumber with the size of 2×12. Then, cut one panel to the length of 50” and another two to the length of 27 ½”.

  • Next, connect the panels by aligning the longer panel’s top with one of the shorter panel’s edges. Take ¾” measurement from the edge, pre-drill the holes, and countersink the four holes. Apply some glue to connect the drive 4” wood and faces screws. Last for this step, using cut flush and plugs, cover the holes.

  • Next, add the risers. Cut the 1 3/8” wood dowel, mark the dowel center, and drill a hole through every dowel with drill bit (the ¼” one). On the console base’ top, take a measurement of 4 inch from the base’s end and another 2 inch from the base’s long side and then make some marks. Then, drill the marks using ¼” drill bit. Go to the underside of the base and countersink every hole for 3/8” deep using a forstner bit (the ¾” one). After that, insert lag screw using washer through each of the pre-drilled holes through the dowel rise and from the console’s underside.

  • Next, attach the table top. Using any desired material, make a cut of 1 ½” x 14” x 72” for the floating top of the table. Then, put the floating top at the center of the risers and secure the table top to the base by screwing the top using lag screws. To prevent the top from splitting, you may need to pre-drill the holes. This also to ease your work in this step.

  • Finally, give your floating top table by giving it finishing touch. Sand all the edges of the table to make sure the table doesn’t have any rough edges. After sanding it off, you can still give your new floating top table another kind of finish. Just use the finish of your choice. If you don’t have any idea about what kind of finishing you can use for the table, you may need to find a reference on the internet for some ideas and tips.