How to Build Heavy Duty Workbench Plans

Does your existing workbench cater all your woodworking needs? Can your workbench perform more than one function? If not, you may need this heavy duty workbench. Not only does it work as a workbench, it is also works as a sturdy storage shelves for your garage, basement, or workshop. This bench is easy to make. Here is how:

#1 Cut Lumber to the Desired Length 

Cut the lumber into 2’x 8’ pieces. Make the cuts for the lengthwise and width-wise supports, the legs, and the caster supports. Do some trimming to the cuts afterwards.

#2 Add Reinforcing Iron Supports 

Most of the complaints about DIY workbench are about the lack of vertical rigidity that can turn the workbench to sag in the middle. That’s why, don’t forget to add extra members in the width-wise and also some iron bars to give additional reinforcement to the lengthwise.

#3 Construct the Workbench Frame 

Start the construction from the workbench top. Don’t forget to place a Simpson tie at every corner of the frame. Make sure that all the adjacent pieces are at the same height. In this step, you can also provide extra support to the lengthwise by adding more screws.

#4 Construct the Shelf Frame 

Construct the shelf frame by placing Simpson ties at all the corners. In the picture, there is not extra support or the iron added to the lower shelf and there is one in the upper shelf.

#5 Cut the Shelf Corners 

To support the table legs, make sure the plywood shelf has the notches cut. To cut them out, use a jigsaw.

#6 Screw the Plywood Down 

Screw the plywood down around the perimeter for every 20 inch or so. Do the screwing to both workbench top and bottom. Also, put some screws in the middle support too. Make sure all edges can line up perfectly.

#7 Casters and Caster Supports 

Install some casters to enable your workbench move around your working place whenever necessary. Screw the casters to the table legs’ end grain and install a cross member between the workbench legs.

#8 Finish! 

Your workbench is finished now! You now have a sturdy and solid workbench. Your new workbench can hold hundred pounds on its surface and you don’t need to worry about it being sagging. This solid workbench top is surely going to be great for your future projects. Meanwhile, the shelf of the workbench is ready to be loaded up. Make sure everything you need for your woodworking projects are accessible and within your reach.