How to Build Stairs – Stairs Design & Plans

Have you ever consider about having a wooden stairs? Many carpenters often ignore this thought because they don’t know how to make it properly. To tell the truth, the process is quite easy and require minimum tools. Moreover, the wooden stair will make the house looks more elegant than before.

Measuring The Area

Before thinking about the material, it is important to measure the area first! The carpenters have to find out the rise and also vertical height for the stairs. There is a simple calculation for this. Lay a standard board on the top. From the top edge, extend it to the lower bottom.

For example, the total rise is 57 inches. Divide the number by 7, the typical step rise. The result would be 8.14. Round it up to eight. Now divide 57 by eight to get 7 1/8. This is how the carpenters determine the rise of each step.

Cutting Stringers

Now that the approximate size for the step and the rise have been decided, it is time to determine the stringers style. There are two options: attached to the rim joint or to the frame made under the deck. For the second option, the stringer pattern should be mark first.

Make a square frame that will fit the gauges. One should be on the tongue, while the other on the body. Using this help, draw the line. Then, cut the zig zaq pattern using the circular saw first and finish with a jigsaw. Use the first stringers to make the second one.

Installing The Thread And Risers

Now it is time to attach the thread and risers. It will be beneficial to put a stack of 2 ½ inches screws within hand reach. They will be used to attach the risers to the stringers. Keep in mind that the step board should have 1 ¼ inches part hanging.

After this, add more screws to the treads. Don’t forget to leave ¼ to 1/8 inches space. As the final process, attach posts to connect stringers and the lower deck. Install the handrails in the end for guests’ safety. Also, trim the edge of each step to prevent sharp edges.

As the tools that connect lower ground to the higher floor, stairs should be sturdy and solid. If possible, it might have fancy look to add the exterior value of the house. These two goals may come true only when the carpenters are diligent enough to do the steps carefully. Happy working!