How to Build Your Own Double Bench Chair

It is always great to have a couple item, bring back the old memories of romantic moments. What makes this idea even more interesting is the option to build your own double bench. In under 100 dollars, you could get a brand new couple bench. Nail this project in your next plan.


The number of woods you are going to use actually depends on the model of your double bench. For the basic one, the materials calls four pieces of 2x4x18 inches boards for frame, two pieces of 2x4x23 inches for legs, and two pieces of 2x4x12 inches plus 1x6x22 inches boards for the table.

Don’t forget about the support. They include two pieces of 2x4x22 inches for support, four pieces of 2x4x24 inches for backrest, and four pieces of 1x4x22 inches for arm rest. The tools and equipment to build a double bench are hammer, tape measure, miter saw, drill, screw driver, and sand paper.


First, we need to make the legs. Since the edge is a little bit tilted, you have to sand the wood until you get the smooth surface. Pay close attention to the degree information enclosed to the manual instruction found online. After you get the perfect measurement, we are ready to attach it and add supports for the bench.

To attach both legs, we need to add one wood block at the back, and one at the front leg. Cut a notch on the front legs so the wood block can rest there. Attach the block at the notch and drills using 3 screws from the back. Then start drilling the second wood block for the back legs 8 inches from the bottom part. Use 3 of the 3 inches deck screws and fasten them from both sides.

Take some supports and attach them to the basic frame. They should be the backrest of the bench. Move to the seat, separated into three parts. Hammer or drill the screw to set the seat boards on its place. Repeat the process to the other sides, leaving the middle empty and hollow.

The center hole is meant to be the table. Install short support and also the top boards, placed in the opposite direction to the seat. Make sure you have smooth surface by sanding it.

You don’t have to be a great artist to build a beautiful project. It only takes used wood and your weekend to produce one masterpiece by your hand. When you have mastered the basic steps, you could make any beautiful bench model displayed on your computer screen. Make your first try worth it!