How to Build Your Own Wooden Workbench

The construction of a nice yet simple workbench is really needed. It is surely possible to make your own workbench easily but still beautifully. If you are currently in a plan to build one, you don’t need to worry about the woodworking tools to use as well as the amount of money you may be spending. From the example below, you can make a wooden workbench with only basic tools and with not more than $200. Check out the design below:

#1 Buy All the Materials and Supplies for the Project

Go make a purchase for the materials such as plywood and MDF. You will also need some screws, saws, clamps, and other materials too!

#2 Start with the Base Frame

Start making the wooden workbench by assembling the base frame. But before that, make sure you already cut all the woods to the length based on the plans you follow. In constructing the base frame, use clamps to hold the pieces at the 90o angle. Use saw and screw to secure the pieces at their right positions.

#3 Don’t Forget to Get a Workbench Plan!

You do need a workbench plans as the guide of making your own workbench. In this project, the workbench plans that was used was taken from At the website, you can also see the Sketchup model of the workbench. Keep assembling the frame pieces by referring to the plans.

#4 Frame the Box

Next, start framing the box as the place of your table saw. By having this special box for your table saw, you will no longer need an outfeed table and you will not need to clamp the table saw in its place every time you are using it.

#5 Continue Building the Box for the Table Saw

Still around the area of the table saw box, now route the opening for the router table so that the saw can sit flush in the workbench.  After that, attach a plank to the box to create a seat for your table saw. Once it is done, you can install your table saw to the box. Your table saw now has a home!

#6 Clean Up the Dust!

You are almost done! Don’t forget to clean up all the sawdust. You can use a vacuum cleaner to do this.

#7 Finish it Up!

You are now done making your wooden workbench! The workbench made by the craftsman here only costed around $170. The next step will be loading up the workbench with all the woodworking tools and materials you usually use and need for your work. If you happen to need additional storage from your workbench, you can add some upper shelves on it. You can install the shelves in the middle of the two sections. You can use that additional storage to store smaller woodworking tools.