How to Cut Curves in Wood

Probably one of the most challenging job for both amateur and professional craftsmen is cutting curve pattern on the wood. It seems simple, but to cover the delicate details, the operators needs the right tools and proper technique. Start from the beginner level before stepping to the advanced curve cutting trick.

Using Router Trammel

This would be a great help to get a perfect circle. If the final circle size is around 6 feet in diameter, take a quarter inches plywood as the base. Make sure this additional equipment is as wide as the router base. Now the craftsmen could remove the iron router base and clamp the base to one end of the trammel material. A hole of one to one and half inch deep must be made for the screw also.

Using Plastic Wood Template

If the previous step is too complicated, then the carpenter could simply take any thin piece a wood and bend it. Attach the bent wood on the board. Then, attach plastic stop molding on the back side of the bent wood. It would be the part on the other side of the saw route. To prevent the plastic mold to move, add wood block. For changing the curve style, the person only needs to realigning the block position.

Using Giant Compass

Love working with a compass? Then why don’t make one with the leftover wood? The woodmakers simply pick the narrow leftover and drill a few holes on it. In the end of the board, use pencil to determine how wide the circle should be. As for the pivot point, make it big enough for screws to fit in. It would be better to drill several holes on the pivot holes, so the carpenters could get several circles.

Using Circular Saw

The easiest way to get a perfect circle is by using circular saw. It might be surprising even for the professional carpenter. The trick is to make sure the blade won’t bind. In order to do this, the carpenter must make sure that the curve pattern is gradual enough. Any sharp curve will increase the possibility of binding. Another point: heated blade and smoke are the sign of blade binding.

There are a lot of tools that could be used to create curve cuts. Some of them are router trammel, wood template, compass, and even circular saw. Each of these equipments require specific handling care. Depending on the curve type, one of the options might work better than the others.