How to Determine if Your Woodworking Tools are Sharp

Have you had wood making tools at home? Well, maintaining each one of them is quite a tough job, since the craftsmen are not using them every day. However, on the day when the tools are going to be uses, they start to question whether the equipment is sharp enough. Is there any way to test it?

Fingernail Test

It might be complicated to bring additional test equipment while checking the tools. In this case, just use the nails instead. How to do it? The craftsmen just need to scratch gently over the surface. Blunt surface won’t make any mark, while the sharp one will definitely stick or cut the nail. Once again, refrain too much power on this test.

Thumb Test

Another way to test the sharpness of the tools is by using thumb. If this test is done right, there should be no blood involved. Run thumb slightly on the surface of the sharp edge. Instead of going along the edges, goes from left to right on a straight tools. Sharp edge will leave burr sensation, while the blunt one feels smooth.

End Grain Test

Some argue that putting the tools to work is the simplest way to test its sharpness. Well, if the craftsmen happen to bring leftover woods, it won’t hurt to try. Aim for the edges of the wood, as it will need shortest time. A clean cut is the result of a sharp tool. Any sign of refrain or no refrain at all will be the sign of blunt edge.

Light Test

If the work place uses strong light to illuminate the room, then bring the tool above the light. For those carpenters whose eyes are not working well, magnifying glass would be a great help. Align the edge to face the light. If there is glittery reflection, then the tool is blunt. The blink reflection is caused by flat edges on the tool.

Paper Test

The last one is paper cut. Keep in mind that even the dull tools could cut the paper. Pay attention to the sliced paper instead. If the paper edge is rough, then the tool is blunt.

Especially for those who are not used to sharpen the tools right after use, it would be hard to recall whether the tools need to be maintained or not. Luckily, there are several ways to identify whether the tools still able to cut or not. Good luck with the tests!