How to Get a Farmhouse Style Finish

In this project, the finish will be applied into a farmhouse writing desk. You can also choose other furniture since this farmhouse style finish can be implemented into any furniture. The finish is required to be relatively a few layers. In result, they all come together somewhat quick. So, let’s start the project!

Step 1. First, start the project with staining the desk using Minwax special walnut. Apply this stain to all desk surfaces using a fur free rag and rub it on. The rubbing with a fur free rag will create a hand rubbing look.

Step 2. After the stain is set, paint the desk base using Sherwin Williams urban bronze. You can paint thoroughly all over the desk surfaces and edges but you can also leave some spots unpainted as this paint is going to be removed when you come into the process of sanding the desk. Let the paint dry completely.

Step 3. After the paint is dry, sand the paint using steel wood. Sanding the paint which is not fully set helps you to make the paint rolling off easier as well as to create the distressed look. Besides using the steel wood, you can also use some sandpaper. However, the look will be slight different. It all depends on your personal taste.

Step 4. After sanding the desk base, let it dry and flip the desk over to repeat the steps for the desk top. To make some gray onto the desk top, paint the top and directly wipe it off using a wet rag. It will make the paint getting down into the desk grooves and cracks but it won’t overtake the wood stain.

Step 5. The picture shows how the desk top looks like after the process is completed.

Step 6. After the top paint is dry, apply thin coat of Minwax Jacobean Stain onto the desk top. This stain will create dark shade on the desk top. To create slight effect of the stain, place small amount of the stain onto the rug and then spread the stain lightly onto the top surface. The stain will create such an incoherent look.

Step 7. After the stain is dry, use the sander to create a distress look around the desktop edges, the desk legs, and any other parts that you want. Then, apply clear wax sealant using fur free rag as the instructions from the manufacturer.