How to Make a Bench from Cinder Blocks

Generally, bench made of cinder blocks is really easy to build. You just need to pile the cinder blocks and then build the bench support. It is true that cinder blocks can be really decorative and functional. Although these concrete blocks are heavy and can’t be moved around freely, they can be very cheap to get. You will see that the cinder blocks are really suitable for your garden.

Step 1. Materials

  • Caulking gun
  • Liquid nails or other adhesive for concrete
  • Four pieces of lumber sized 2”x4”x8’
  • 12 cinder blocks sized 12”
  • Molding
  • Paint
  • Cushions

Before you start making the cinder block bench, you have to do some preparations. After the materials are ready, you have to measure your bench length and find some lumber. Then, you have to sand the lumber until it becomes smooth and nice.

Make sure that the lumber doesn’t have any sharp edges. If you want to use the bench outdoor, it is better to coat the lumber with some polyurethane as it will protect the wood from any damages and the lumber can last longer outdoor.

Step 2. Level the ground where you will place the bench. Start the assembly with building the bench legs or posts. Each cinder block leg will be using three blocks where one block will be placed horizontally onto the two vertical blocks top.

You can determine the spacing between each leg based on your personal preference as this space will be intended for the cushion. This project uses less than two feet leg apart.

Step 3. After the bench legs are ready, it is now time to insert the lumbers. Mount the lumbers into the top holes of the cinder blocks. Make sure that one hole is for one lumber. The position of the lumbers can be seen from the picture.

Step 4. After the lumber is inserted into the cinder block, secure the lumber using the liquid nails. If you think that the lumber is strong enough, you can skip this step.

Step 5. When the cinder block bench is already set, you can paint the beams as well as the cinder blocks. After the paint is set, you can add some cushions. You can also add some molding by feeding one to two pieces throughout the holes at the bottom and then secure them using the concrete adhesive. However, it is just optional.

This cinder block bench can be placed anywhere inside or outside of the house. You can place this bench at the garden or at patio. Or, you can also place it near your outdoor pool.