How to Make Arbor Swing Plans – Outdoor Furniture Plans Projects

Do you miss the kind inside you? Or do you want to ‘spoil’ you kid for a bit? Building this arbor swing plans can be a great choice Building this swing means creativity and freedom, so why not investing your happiness and taking up the plunge? Here are the steps to make one:

  • To begin with, dig the holes to plant the swing. Make sure you know the detail of the swing you are making so that you can decide the depth of the hole as well as the measurement of the clearance between each post and the swing. Dig the hole using an auger. After digging the holes, you can set the hole posts in concrete. Ensure that every post has the same level, plane, and plumb. Let the concrete dry for a night.

  • Once the concrete is already dry, cut the tops of the post. Make sure the marks you make on the swing post are at the same level.

  • Next, set the crossbeams and add the trim. Sandwich the posts and screw at every end. Make sure all of the beams are lined up and level with each other. After that, drill a hole through the post and the beams to slip a washer. Insert it, secure it using nut, and tighten it using a socket wrench.

  • Next, attach the swing supports as well as the hardware. To make sure the swing is at the center, measure it out from the crossbeams’ center half the swing’s width. Use washers, nuts, and carriage bolts to permanently join all pieces. Then, install the heavy-duty anchor bolts by drilling the swing supports’ bottom.

  • Next, measure the lumber used for the seat of the swing and cut it. Cut the seat supports curved to provide a seat that is more comfortable. After the cutting, sand down all the wood edges using hand sander or belt sander.

  • Then, make the assembly of the skeleton of the swing. Install the front upright, back upright, arm rail, and seat support for the both swing’s sides.

  • Assemble the seat by attaching the seat support and screwing it. Also, attach the back cleat and the stretchers of the seat back.

  • Finally, attach the swing side to the bottom and the back of it. Next, install the armrest to the swing’s arm rails. Then, in the seat supports, install the anchor bolts. Continue the installation to the anchor bolts by attaching the screw eye bolts, and lastly install the chain. Your swing is ready!