How to Make Coffee Table DIY – Furniture Plans and Projects

Coffee table is always a good complement for a living room. That’s why, having a coffee table is a must. While you can always buy the table from the store, there is also a chance to make it by yourselves. This DIY project is simple but chic, as simple as the joinery of the coffee table that add cool details of the design. Here is how to make one:

  • For the top part of the coffee table, you need to find best-looking boards. You can purchase #1 Common lumber to save money.

  • Construct the table drawer and the frame using a single and oversized board. Here is to make it: split the board into 3 pieces, make the drawer front by crosscutting the middle piece, and place the drawer ends by making mark from the centerline.

  • Assemble all the pieces together and glue them together. Refer to the centerline for the alignment and refer to the unglued part of the drawer front for the spacer.

  • Saw tapers on each leg’s two adjacent sides. Then, remove any saw marks using jointing, sanding, or hand planning.

  • Tilt the blade of the table saw to match it with the leg’s taper. Made all the beveled cuts at this angle.

  • Bevel all edges when ripping the aprons to the width and make sure the bevels slope in the same direction.

  • Assemble the aprons and the legs using pocket screw joinery. Drill the counter bored shank hole.

  • Fasten the table’s aprons to make them follow the tapered legs’ slope. To create the setback, use spaces. Attach the joints using glue.

  • Install the bottom rail support, apply some glue, and drill some pocket screws. Bevel the piece on the both ends and on the front edge to fit the rails of sloping. Let the glue dry before screwing.

  • Install the supports of the drawer using pocket screws and glue. Install a special clamp to hold the join flush when installing the pocket screws. Simply follow the instructions to install the drawer kickers and the top rail supports.

  • Cut the drawer sides’ front end at a certain angle to make the drawer front slope to fit the apron. The apron will slop to match the table’s tapered leg.

  • Lastly, fasten the table top. Before fastening it, you need to center the table base and then clamp it at its position.