How to Make Desktop Skee Ball

How to Make Desktop Skee Ball

The original skee ball actually uses a big platform, but it’s rather difficult to make (not to mention keep) around most houses. Well, you need to get a skee ball fix without throwing your bed away, we can easily make the platform using scrap materials in a much smaller size.

Inspired by the original platform, this desktop skee ball project is basically a 1:9 scale of the real-life ones. You can make it quite easily with cardboards. However, if you will be playing it often, then making it with laminated wood is a better idea since we can clean it easier. Plus, since laminated wood sheets are as thin (if not thinner) as cardboard, we should be able to make and finish this project within an hour, the same period of time as making it with cardboard.

Since the source material uses cardboard, expect the aiding illustrations will show cardboard instead of illuminated wood pieces. But don’t worry – except the extra power tools to work with, this tutorial should be as simple as the original.

Materials and Tools:

  • Scrap laminated wood as needed
  • About one or two used paper cups
  • Jigsaw
  • Wood glue
  • Glue gun
  • Scissors
  • Drill
  • Ball-bearing (for the ball)


  1. Firstly, cut the laminated wood according to the plan. Sadly, we don’t have the exact measurement so you have to figure it out yourself. However, in general, the platform should be small enough to be put on the table and stored away with ease. The shapes of the pieces can be shown below.

  1. Next, drill 5 holes vertically in the middle of the target board. After that, add a hole on each upper corner. Make sure that the holes are big enough to get the ball bearing in without any resistance, which should be easy as long as you use bigger drill diameter compared to your ball bearing.

  1. Make the target by gluing the sides and top pieces with the drilled target board with wood glue. Let dry. Meanwhile, make the ramp by joining the slots of the short and long side pieces. Then, put the gliding board on top of it. Since laminated wood is stiff and isn’t bendable, make an angle out of it and simply glue the higher end to the bottom of the target board.

  1. Cut the cup mouths for the rings of the target board. Since we will be using scissors, use paper cups since they are easy to cut. Plus, they are easy to shape and slap to place, especially if you have a glue gun. Glue the rings between the holes as shown below. Let the glues dried properly and we are done!

See, it’s super easy! Surely, it’s faster to make the downscaled platform with cardboard, but they won’t last as long as this laminated wood version. Now, try gliding the bearing balls onto the platform – you will get addicted right away, same with the original skee ball! They are perfect for kids and casual parties.