How to Make DIY Airplane Swing

This project is not only fun for you to make, but also fun for your kids.


  • A 1×3 8 feet board
  • A 1×4 8 feet board
  • A 1×6 10 feet board
  • A 1×8 8 feet board
  • A 2×4 8 feet board
  • 2-inches star drive bronze screws
  • 1 ¼-inch star drive bronze screws
  • 1 3/8 x 4 ½-inches eye lag screws
  • 1-inch dowel
  • ¼-inches nylon rope
  • A 2-inches galvanized lag screws
  • 2 galvanized flat washers
  • 100, 150, and 220 grit sandpaper
  • Waterproof wood glue
  • Exterior primer and paint


  1. Cut the boards according to the plan. Here’s the cut list:
  • 1×3: a 16-inches piece (propeller)
  • 1×4: a 5-inches piece (tail)
  • 1×6: a 30 ½-inches piece (seat), a 12-inches piece (tail), two 30-inches pieces (wings), and a 7-inches piece (handlebar stand)
  • 1×8: two 36-inches pieces (body)
  • 2×4: a 36-inches piece (body) and two 8 ¼-inches piece (wing supports)
  • Dowel: an 8-inch piece (handlebar)


  1. Cut some of the pieces to shape. Here’s the list:
  • 1×3: Shape the piece to the shape of a plane’s propeller
  • 1×4: Trace something round to an end and cut following the trace.
  • 1×6: For the 30-inches and 12-inches pieces, trace something round to both edges and cut following the trace. Do the same for the 30 ½-inches piece but to an end only. For the 7-inches piece, shape it to a fitting shape of a handle stand and then drill a 1-inch hole through it.
  • 1×8: Pick a corner of both pieces, trace something round to the edge. Then cut off the part following the trace. On the other end of those pieces, cut 4,5 x 23-inches triangle from the same side.

After shaping the pieces, sand the edges especially the parts that were cut. Then, prime and paint the pieces and let them dry.

  1. Now, let’s begin assembling the plane:
  • Glue the body pieces together with the 2×4 in the middle. Then, drill about eight 1 ¼-inch screws into each side.

  • Insert the dowel piece into the hole of the 1×6 7-inches piece and secure it with wood glue and screw from the bottom of the handlebar stand using 1 ¼-inch screw.

  • Glue the handlebar stand to the middle of a piece of the wings. Then, flip the wings over and drill through the handlebar stand to secure it using 2-inches screws.

  • Put the seat piece vertically into one side of the body part and screw it to both the 1×8-inches pieces to the spot where the top wing will cover using 2-inches screws.

  • Flip the body, screw, and screw the untouched wing piece horizontally 18-inches from an end of the body piece with the 2-inches screws.

  • Flip the body again and glue one wing support to each side of the bottom wing. Then, apply glue to the top of the wing supports and the spot where we drilled the seat and place the other wings onto it.

  • Glue and screw the 1×4 tail to the middle of the 1×6 tailpiece. Then, glue and drill that co-joined piece to an end of the seat, opposite of the wings, using eye screws.

  • Attach the propeller at the front of the body using an eye screw, lag screw, and the washers.


  1. Finally, drill both ends of the wings and the standing tail, put the nylon rope through the hole, secure the ends, and hand the swing to a strong trunk of a tree. Now the airplane swing is done and ready to use!