How to Make DIY Balance Board

Balance board is getting more popular as it is a great way to build balancing skills as well as core strength. You can exercise both your brain and your body by trying to stand on this unstable surface and by making sure you can control your balance well. To have one, you don’t need to spend $100, you only simply need to build your own!

  • First, determine the size of the balance board that you want. The size of the balance board really depends on your height. The balance board needs to be long enough to provide you enough width and meet the necessary stance that fits your shoulder width. The balance board also needs to be wide enough to prevent your feet from hanging off the board sides. For your reference, you can fo with 33”x 14” size for your balance board.

  • Buy ¾” plywood that is big enough to be cut to the size that you want with some extra. Also, ABS or PVC pipe that is thick and that comes with large diameter. The pipe should be long enough to match the board’s width and strong enough for you to stand on it later.

  • Cut the PVC and or the plywood to the desired size as needed.

  • Take the excess plywood, cut them and make two pieces, each of which is 5.1 cm or 2 inches in width and 14 inches in length (the board’s width).

  • Make stoppers of the boards by secure the two pieces at one of the board’s ends. These stoppers are for your safety when riding the balance board. These stoppers will help you not slip off the pipe’s end while riding the board.

  • Next, lay the PVC pipe on the floor and put the board on the top of the pipe. For your safety, don’t forget to put on wrist guards, knee and elbow pads, and a safety helmet. You can skip using this equipment though if you think you may not get hurt from riding the balance board. Step on the balance board carefully. You can use a chair or get a support from someone’s shoulder to land your feet on the board. Now, test your balance and see how good it is.

Your balance board is now finished. You can give some finishing to the balance board by painting it or you can just simply let it be at its natural color. All are on your choice!