How to Make DIY Rustic Bench

Are you currently looking for a simple DIY woodworking project? This rustic bench is the best answer. This project is simple and easy as you only need three boards and 30 minutes to make it. This rustic bench can be outdoor and indoor, in your hallways or in your garden, all depend on what you like it to be. Go make you own rustic bench by following the guides below:

  • First thing first, make sure you have all the materials needed for this project. Well, what you need is just lumber. Go get a 12’ 2×8, a 12’ 2×4, and a 8’ 4×4. They are all what you need to build your rustic bench. Not only is the material a few, it is also easy to get. Simply go to the nearest wood shop to purchase them. You can also head to The Home Depot to get them.

  • Then, make the assembly of the bench frame. Make the frame from two pieces of the lumber. The lumber pieces that are needed for the fame are the 12’ 2×4 and the 8’ 4×4.

  • Drill some pocket holes using a pocket hole jig. Actually, it is not necessary to use the jig to drill the holes. However, using that woodworking tool can ease your job and make the results of the drilling quicker and smoother. The holes that you need to drill in this step are for connecting the 4×4 legs to the apron boards.

  • Still using the pocket holes jig to drill some holes in making the bench seat. The bench seat is made from one piece of 12 foot 2×8 board only.

  • Make sure that your bench seat along with the frame is well assembled. After that, attach the seat of the bench to the bench frame. Secure the attachment by screwing using pocket hole screws.

  • Last but not least, give your new rustic bench a finish! You can choose any kind of finishing for your bench. You can choose a kind of finishing to personalize your rustic bench and to fit any décor either in your garden or in your hallway. Be it stain or paint, it’s all up to your choice.

See? This rustic bench is easy peasey! Construct the bench frame, construct the bench seat, assemble every piece, and five some finish with stain or paint. If you think you are still a novice in woodworking, this project will suit you best.