How to Make DIY Rustic X-Bench

Are you interested in making a nice bench for your home? Then go with rustic x-bench. The nice things about rustic furniture are not only their simple look but also their simple work plan! And don’t worry, though the steps to make it is simple, the bench itself will not look too plain because there’s the decorative ‘x’ part on the sides. If you don’t trust us, see the instructions below!


  • 8 of 2×4 boards (96 inches length)
  • 1 of 2×2 board (96 inches length)
  • 100 of pocket hole screws (2 and ½ inches length)
  • 50 of brad nails (2 inches length)
  • 20 of wood screws (2 inches length)
  • Wood glue
  • Wood filler
  • A can of stain
  • A can of sealer




  1. First of all, make sure that the dimension of the bench in the plan can fit the space available. If it’s too big or you need a longer bench, adjust the dimension and the length of your boards accordingly. If you only plan to make it longer, consider additional middle support boards.

  1. Then, start cutting the boards. From five 2×4 boards, we will need to cut 54 inches for the benchtop. Then, for the remaining wood, cut eight 20-inches pieces for the shelf. From the last leftover and a new board, cut six 18-inches pieces of frame sides and two 11-inches pieces for frame tops.

From another board, but four 11-inches pieces – one for the frame top and three for the frame bottoms. Cut two 16-inches pieces and cut the sides aslant (about 30 degrees). For the last 2×4 board, make trapezoids with the length 6 5/8 inches on the top and 7 7/8 inches at the bottom – one adjacent side at 30 degrees while the other is 21 degrees. Lastly, cut four 20-inches pieces on the 2×2 for top braces.

  1. Make the benchtop and the shelves. For the benchtop, use all of the 54-inches pieces. For the shelves, use four of the 20-inches pieces for each shelf. Attach the pieces using wood glue and pocket hole screws. Don’t forget to add pocket holes on the ends of the shelves to attach them to the frame later. Set aside.

  1. Make three frames using the frame side, top, and bottom pieces. Again, attach the pieces using wood glue and pocket holes screws. Next, sand (if you want to) and attach the X pieces inside the opening in two of the frames, with the 16-inches pieces as the center then the trapezoids (30 degrees to the frame) clamping the center. Nail and glue these pieces to the frame.

  1. Attach the shelf at the bottom board (pocket holes side down) of the frame using wood glue and pocket hole screws. Then, attach braces at the top with the same materials. Lastly, attach the benchtop by screwing it from the bottom of the brace. Lastly, fill the screw holes with wood filler, stain, and seal the bench. Wait until the stain and seal dried and you now have a pretty bench ready to sit on!