How to Make DIY Wooden Toy Camera

Everyone can be a photographer, including our little ones! There are different types of cheap plastic cameras you can buy for them, but making the one with wood will make it more special. It will last longer than the plastic one and in some future years, it will still look the same as you have made before. Learn how to make it here.


  • Bench sander
  • Drill press
  • Joiner
  • Scroll saw
  • Small spring
  • ½ oak dowel
  • 3/8 oak dowel
  • A scrap of maple and walnut
  • 120 sandpaper
  • Paint (optional)
  • Neck strap
  • Linseed oil


  1. Prepare a scrap of maple and walnut you can find. In this project, you will need at least 7 inches long and 3.5 inches wide for maple pieces. Cut two strips of walnut for about an inch wide. Run both ends of the maple and walnut through the joiner.

  1. Begin making the shutter button by cutting the ½ and 3/8 dowels to 4 inches and glue both of them together. The length is perfect because it can be a spare shutter button in case you need it later. Using ½ fostner bit, drill 2 inches hole in the body of the camera. You need to make sure that you drill the maple part and reamed it a little bit so that the ½ dowel can move well.


  1. Repeat the second step, but here, you will make a hole with 3/8. The hole should be at the top of the walnut piece so that you will have two different holes; the larger one will be at the bottom and the smaller one will be at the top. Insert the spring and cut the bottom dowel. Glue the maple and walnut together with wood glue and clamps. Make sure that the shutter button can still move while waiting for the glue to dry up.

  1. Smoothen the camera by running it over the joiner. After you make sure that it is nice and smooth, you can begin making a lens and peephole. To make the lens, you can use walnut circles or you can also use a piece of firewood. Just cut it a small section of it and sand it using belt sander. You can also sand the edges a little bit and adjust the proportion. Sand with 120 sandpaper if necessary. After you get the desired shape, you can simply glue it on the camera. Then, make a peephole by making a hole in the camera body with ½ fostner bit. Change it to 3/8 for the final touch.



  1. Make a grip on one side by cutting a piece of walnut and shape it using bench sander. Add an additional zoom button by cutting a small piece of maple. Drill a hole in the center of the grip and insert the zoom button.

  1. Prepare a neck strap, or if you don’t have it, you can make one with an old belt. Just the cut both ends and cut a small hole with a knife. Drill the side of the camera body and place pegs. Glue the pegs and the belt over the pegs, and you will get a neck strap.