How to Make Foot Stool Plans – Furniture Plans and Projects

Woodworking project can sometimes be more than just a project of making furniture. It can also be a good way to give your children exposure of woodworking projects. As how a beginner should start a project, this foot stool plans is a great project to be carried out with your children. This project is simple but useful.

  • First thing first, make the design of the foot stool and do some basic preparation. As you are going to make the stool with your children, make sure the design is simple and easy. Then, decide what main material is going to be used in this project. In this example, pine wood was chosen because it is easy to cut and it is so soft that you are going to be completely okay to work with hand tools. Besides, in the preparation, find some boards that don’t have any twist and cup so that you don’t need to plane or to join the parts later. In short, find a clean board. 6’ length stool is enough to make this stool.

  • Start the foot stool construction by making the stool legs. First, cut the large piece of wood to make part blanks. Refer to the stool plans for the measurement and the size. To do the cutting, you can simply use your hand and with a coping saw. But, if you don’t favor working with hand, you can use scroll saw.

  • After that, lay out the cuts so that you can visually figure out what you need to do with the wood pieces.

  • Grab you scroll saw and make the cuts for the stool legs. Make shapely legs!

  • After the cutting, don’t forget to smooth the sides of the lag. Use hand plane to do this. Make sure you don’t forget to adjust the plane iron to make the light pass.

  • Smooth and smooth! Make sure every surface of the cut doesn’t have any rough edges. Using drill press, sand the cut outs smooth.

  • Then, using a hand plane, add a chamfer. Don’t forget to ease the edge too.

  • Next, construct the sides of the foot stool. First, do the fine tune by cleaning up the sawn bevel using a block plane.

  • Next, center the things. Place the legs of the stool right in the center and under the seat.

  • Next, drill some stopped pilot holes. These holes will make the wood stop splitting.