How to Make Garage Workbench Plans

For your workshop or garage and for your woodworking job, you cannot opt for just any workbench. The workbench should be about beauty, versatility, and buildable, all of which refer to garage workbench. A garage workbench will even be more perfect to you who have limited space in either garage or workshop as this furniture can perform many functions. Let’s see how to make one then:

Design the Bench 

A garage workbench is a big work table at which you could throw anything. In this example, the bench was made from simple construction lumber. In the designing process, decide all the length for the legs, the cross members, and the top pieces. Also, decide what you are going to use for screwing the wood pieces, e.g. a bolt system and nut. Last but not least, make sure that the bench is properly sized. After all elements in the design are done, go make a purchase.

Cut the Wood to the Desired Length 

At this stage, you must have had the sizes for all the bench parts. Go make the cut.

Provide the Joinery Some Layouts 

Make sure you lay out everything carefully as the legs need to be able to accommodate the bolts for the back, front, and sides. Do all the layout for every section of the bench including the top cross members.

Drill Out the Bench Legs 

Drill straight down on the mark that you have made to 1” depth. To mark the depth easily, you can use a masking tape that is wrapped around the drill bit. Do the drilling for all 16 holes.

Drill Out the Cross Members

Layout the cross members now. To keep the joinery consistent, you can write “back bottom”, “top front”, and “top left outside”. The writing is also meant to ease your work. After that, place the cross-member between the legs and mock the eventual fit up. After the drilling is finished, you can assemble everything.

Build the Top 

To glue the top, use ling clamps to give some pressure. Get a nice and consistent surface by using any tools you may need such as table saw, circular saw, or jointer. To get the flattest top, glue each part one at a time. To remove the glue, use metal putty knife or chisel.

Construct the Nut Mortises 

Make sure the member holes are perfectly straight as bed bolt mortise can be very tricky for you. To get the best method, find a reference about how to do bed bolt mortise jig.

Make the Base Assembly 

After all of this process, you can now start to assemble the bench base. Grab your bolt, washer, nut, a pair of pliers, and socket wrench to help you in the assembly.

Complete the Bench Base 

Sand the base surface with your sandpaper and remove any pencil marks using desaturated alcohol.


Lastly, put the top on the base. Clamp it to keep it in its place on the base. Screw from the top cross members’ bottom. Your garage workbench is ready to go!