How to Make Kitchen Helper Tower

What’s sweeter than having your kids help you in the kitchen? It can make your work easier and at the same time, it will help to stimulate their sensory to help them grow well. And, to make them easy to move around and reach higher places in the kitchen, you need to make this kitchen helper tower or leaning tower for your little helpers.


  • Sandpaper sheets
  • Wood glue
  • 4 – 1-¼” screws
  • 1-¼” screws (pocket hole)
  • 2- ½” screws (pocket hole)
  • 1 1x4x10 common board
  • 6 2x2x8 furring strip boards
  • Paint (optional)


  1. Before starting to make the kitchen helper tower, you need to cut the boards with the right sizes. Make 4 2x2x36” for the countertop, 19 2x2x17-½” for safety cross supports, 5 1x4x20x½” for the platform, 2 1x4x8–¾” for guides under the platform.

  1. After you have prepared the cut list, you need to make the pocket holes. To make the one with 2x2s, you need to set the Kreg Jig drill guide to 1-½. Drill the hole at each end of one face of the 19 – 17½” boards. Make sure you don’t drill holes to the 4 – 36” boards.

  1. Then, start to make holes to the 1x4s and here you will make the platforms for the kids to stand on. Set the Kreg Jig drill guide to ¾ and drill 3 holes on each 1x4x20x½” board. Make sure you make the hole in the center then 2 other holes on 2 inches from each end. Make sure you only drill 4 of them.

  1. Start assembling the layout using pipe clams and glue it before you screw them together. You just need to lay 2 2x2x36” perpendicular to 4 2x2x17-½” to make the ladder. After you have got the right height, you can start screwing the boards together with the cordless drill. Then, repeat the step to make the other sides.

  1. Connect the sides together and you might consider asking for someone’s help for easier installation. All you need to do here is to attach the 8 2x2x17-½” together and make sure that the pocket holes face inwards. Install the screw until the boards are sticking together. Make sure that the stool can stand on its own before you install all of the screws.

  1. Build the platform by installing the 1-¼” screws (pocket hole) into 4 1x4x20x½” boards. Add a bit of glue to the center of the side of the first board. Press it against the second board and clam them together before installing the screws. repeat the process until the boards are joined together.


  1. Attach 3 2x2x17-½” boards in between the platform and the top of 2×2 guard rail. Add glue to both ends and install the pocket hole screws. Leave it overnight to allow the glue to dry out and sand all corners and edges with the orbital sander. You also need to sand the narrow area with a sheet of sandpaper. You can leave it as it is or you can paint it with the color the kids will like.