How to Make Mission Coffee Table Plans

Choosing coffee table cannot just any table. It should be substantial, practical, and beautiful, all of which refer to this mission coffee table. This is Arts & Crafts inspired coffee table that can be a heirloom project as every woodworker can build it. Give your living room a chic addition by making this mission coffee table:

  • To begin with, you need to start to machine the legs of the coffee table. Put true the quarter sawn grain on all the legs’ four faces. Then, apply some glue to the 1/8” veneer to the faces that have been plainsawn. After that, apply a think glue coat to all of the leg faces before starting to clamp them up.

  • Chop all the mortises on the table legs and also the stretches using a mortising machine. Don’t forget to use tenons as they are important joinery. They are also a significant part of the Arts and Crafts style.

  • Next, make the slats and the rails. The rails of the tables are made from ½” stock that is laminated together. Then, plow a groove to the length of the rails. Look at the left photo to see how it is done. The groove is the one capturing the spacers and the slats. The tenons are also needed in the lower rails to raise on their ends. All of these are done through the tenons piercing the thick legs with 2” size. To make the tenons, you can use the table saw and the registration block. Those two tools can determine the right tenons’ length and can keep the rail clear when you are doing the cutting. Look at the right photo to see the details.

  • Next, make the curved slat. Making it is done with two steps. First, make a stopped cut with a table show. Look at the picture to see how it is done. After that, complete the curved slat’s aspect by moving to the band saw.

  • Next is the final assembly. Find the end of the beams that are angle. You need to form them on the table saw with a simple rip fence sliding jig. Then, secure the workpiece using the jig and also a C-clamp.

  • Now you can see that the stretcher tenons’ wedges become the decorative part of the coffee table. Next, make the mortises out and then chop the openings using mortising machine. Don’t forget to note the tenons’ offset nature.

  • To give the coffee table finishing, apply some gel stain in Antique Walnut and then apply some satin polyurethane topcoat.